The secret of shadow ranch book report

Check Frances Humber's portrait right of fireplace. That flower looks kinda like a poppy. Chapter 14 The girls are out riding and return to the cottage. The printing with text revised in has 20 chapters and pages.

They go back to the ranch. Enter and go forward until another grilled door. These clues lead her to an ancient Indian dwelling, a prisoner, a chest of gold hearts, a gang of thieves, and a lot of danger. Tandy illustrated the original dust jacket and internal illustrations, and the frontispiece.

The girls and Mrs. Nancy finds she's been given a second warning. She and her cousin George often apprentice for Nancy with her mysteries.

Nancy is told to get a horse from Tex, the wrangler so she can ride, Shorty will go ahead with the cookout tonight and also to take an envelope from the roll top desk to Mary Yazzie. Tex wants you to feed the chicken and the horses. Rawley drive a car to the town where the cattle will end up.

Enter the store and look at the new petrified wood on the table by the window. Left vegetable garden - Pick the 5 ripe Romano beans not the dried ones and the 2 ripe Ivory egg tomatoes. See that the front door is closed - so the back door it is. Ranch Life, Outlaw and Phantom horse: One of Bess and George's cousins, Alice Regor, travel with Nancy to their Aunt and Uncle's ranch in Arizona where the cousins' aunt attempts to keep up a ranch she received as payment of a debt.

Bess always called plump though she looks pretty skinny to me in the drawings of her and George a tomboy, if you can't figure it out from the name. Nancy not only willingly carries a gun, she uses it without hesitation and with a considerable amount of skill. Shorty leads them the wrong way.

Look at the desk right of the stove.

The Secret of Shadow Ranch

Talk to Dave by the chicken coop about Mary and borrowing his aunt's ring. Nancy makes a false announcement to throw off the crooks who will follow ranch guys who are supposedly going for the treasure while Nancy and the girls go towards the real location of the treasure.

Pass Mary Yazzie on the way to Dry Creek. The printing with text revised in has 20 chapters and pages. Go and talk to Shorty. Pick up the paper off the floor. Empty the bucket on Bob's feeding bucket outside.

Use Dave's aunt's ring on the red button above the slot. While Martha is at the ranch Nancy returns to the cabin and finds a ring belonging to Louise brown. Ask for canteen of water.

Go back to the roll top desk in the den and use the key on the lock.

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She visits Martha and Martha's getting ready to move. Have a 'sample' of the cake. Count the lines and it will correspond to a letter in the alphabet. Nov 10,  · E-Reading: Book Review of #5 The Secret of Shadow Ranch by Carolyn Keene Name of Book: The Secret of Shadow Ranch Author: Carolyn Keene ISBN: Suspecting that a treasure hidden by Valentine may be at the root of the Shadow Ranch mystery, Nancy undertakes a challenging search, aided by her friends Bess Marvin and Author: Svetlana's Reads and Views.

Mar 07,  · The Secret of Shadow Ranch was a fast-moving and short novel. I liked the western theme. Okay for all ages. I give it 5/5 stars. Nancy Drew: Secret of Shadow Ranch Walkthrough • Select the red book on the middle shelf (R).

• Open and read the book thoroughly to learn about horses (S). • Zoom into the radio and select the knob to listen to the weather report (Q). The Secret at Shadow Ranch is the fifth volume in the Nancy Drew Mystery Stories series.

It was first published in under the pseudonym Carolyn Keene, and was ghostwritten by Mildred Wirt Benson. This book, as ofranks 50 on the list of All-Time Bestselling Children's Books, according to Publishers Weekly, with 2, sales since Nancy Drew and The Secret of The Shadow Ranch.

Book Project Transcript of Nancy Drew and The Secret of The Shadow Ranch. By Carolyn Keene Presented By Jordan Lund Nancy Drew and The Secret of Shadow Ranch Characters Main Characters Nancy Drew Climax The climax in this book is when Nancy and her friends are locked up in a cave in the.

Dec 18,  · Nancy Drew The Secret Of Shadow Ranch? OK im doing this book for a book report but i read it like a month ago so i dont really remeber every detail.

I Need to Know the Plot (got it) charators(got it) setting (got it) conflit, complications, climax and resolution. Status: Resolved.

The secret of shadow ranch book report
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The Secret of Shadow Ranch by Carolyn Keene