The journal of joshua loper book report

The Journal of Joshua Loper, a Black Cowboy

Seul It was a fantastic story of a young man filled with fears who leaves his homeland to find another. Feb 20, Kaitlin Harrington rated it it was amazing This was such a sweet book of a son who truly carried for his mother and tried to maintain his morals during some really tough situations.

In The Journal of Joshua Loper: Sarah Jowett The version I got didn't mention anything about it being part of the Dear America series The story also includes a lot about California history during this time, including the anti-immigrant activities.


This book was write by Wong Ming-Chung. THe protagonist did not want to go to America but his parents made him. Others were already dead, their bodies floating against the steel obstacles.

The book is about the journey of an young boy, Wong, who is forced to leave for America with his uncle in an attempt to ful Readers learn how tall a horse of 17 hands is, how to treat "tailbone shock," how many men were needed to drive a herd to market, and how much it cost to hire someone to break a wild horse.

Scott successfully grabs a German and Lt. The trail boss does not want him because of his age and his color. The main character's evolving relationship with his Uncle, brother and parents throughout the book was one of the most interesting aspects.

Scott later finds out that Kerlin died, before reaching his destination. Though it is truthfully too hard for most of the beginning of the year 3rd graders to read on their own, the 4th graders are able to scaffold it for them.

It a good read. His older brother, Blessing, was the one his Uncle commanded to comeUncles is legally the head of I could hear fire from the automatics slamming into its steel sides. The Journal of Joshua Loper: It about Joshua being a cowboy and the prejustice of being black.

The Journal of Joshua Loper

Reading it is liable to make kids "as pleased as a bullfrog in a horsefly roundup. Aside from telling good stories, he strives to convey what he learned while young.

The Journal of Joshua Loper By, Walter Dean Myers

He wrote over a hundred books, including Fallen Angels and Monster. The book includes a map of the Chisholm Trail as well as many unique illustrations. In mid-August, Scott is wounded and sent back to England.

In Joshua Loper, a sixteen-year-old black cowboy, records in his journal his experiences while making his first cattle drive under an unsympathetic trail boss, in an addition to a best-selling series composed by a Newbery Honor-winning degisiktatlar.coms: 1.

The Journal of Joshua Loper By Jake Moore The genre is Historic fiction Slide 2 Character Joshua, Billy, Jake, Doom, Timmy, Wade and Captian Slide 3 Summary This kid named Joshua was going on a miles with his friends. The Journal of Joshua Loper.


The Journal of Joshua Loper is an excerpt from a 16 year old boy's writings during his first cattle was put into print by Walter Dean Myers. This site will tell you about three main characters in the book.

My Name Is America: The Journal Of Joshua Loper, A Black Cowboy; My Name Is America: The Journal Of Joshua Loper, A Black Cowboy.

May 29,  · Title of Book: The Journal Of Joshua Loper, A Black Cowboy, The Chisholm Trail, Author: Walter Dean Myers Series: My Name is America Genres: Children, Young Adult, Historical Fiction, Diary, Publisher: Scholastic Pub Date: April 1, ( Pages, Hardcover) Book Source: Hardcover Contact Author: Goodread Profile Synopsis: Two-time Newbery Honor-winning author.

The Journal of a Black Cowboy

to read and complete 2 book reports (one for each book read). The third book can be any book the student would like to read of any genre. After the student is finished with this The Journal of Joshua Loper: A Black Cowboy, The Chisholm Trail, by Walter Dean Myers (April ).

The journal of joshua loper book report
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