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It offers us a wider and more comprehensive understanding of the human drama, of the conflicts and problems that confront each one of us, and it also indicates the means of solving them and points the way to our liberation. So, especially if you want to start experiencing and doing magick — this is a really good start.

In a dualistic world, the unresolved opposites within are a prime reason for reincarnating. The Call of Self: Psychological Thrillers of the Day, Suspense. This angle of the chart is determined by the exact time of birth first breathand represents the incarnation of the soul.

The famous Egg Diagram is used to illustrate the multidimensional nature of the human mind and how the various parts of your consciousness relate to each other. The real unity and uniqueness of the Self.

For instance, a Ray 2 soul indigo blue and a Ray 1 personality red yield when combined the colour purple or violet. Topics to which Hans is no dilettante. Psychosynthesis practitioners have in turn made use of methods from other approaches.


The Rising Sign represents the highest quality that a soul can potentially unfold in any lifetime; a chart can be delineated by looking at its personality and soul rulers, the signs and houses they occupy and the aspects they make.

Much of the time we are caught up in a survival trance, identified with our passing emotions, our beliefs and assumptions, our concepts and ideas about the way things are, and our bodily sensations and appearance. There are not really two selves, two independent and separate entities. Ray 7 of Ceremonial Magic or Order will condition the next 2, year cycle of Aquarius.

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Click below to view the five part video: He incorporated principles and practices from Buddhism, Yoga, and other Eastern philosophies, as well as from Western spiritual traditions, philosophy, and psychology.

Never have we had so much food or material goods in the history of humankind, and never have our lives been so empty, confused, exhausting and fraught with desperation.

This process can be supported consciously. They are every day people like you and us. This course, as well as being a deep study in its own right, can provide a lasting resource and a new set of tools for all workers in the field of humanistic or transpersonal growth.

Book supplied free to UK students only Other books you may like to read not required for the course: Understanding the sacred and non-sacred planets allows the astrologer to give more specific guidance. The seeming duality, the apparent existence of two selves in us.

Course overview Psychosynthesis, the system of personal and spiritual growth developed by Dr Roberto Assagioli, is often taught distinctly separate from other approaches and forms of therapy. Looks at the purpose of the higher self as it interacts with its soul group.

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Roberto Assagioli, one of the founding fathers of transpersonal psychology, described what he regarded as the essence of Psychosynthesis. Those already familiar with the Kabbalah will find new insights, connections and a deepening of their existing knowledge.

In addition, Assagioli points out that, in some cases, strong reactions by the personality can cause the individual to deny the experience and suppress it, producing a state of depression and even suicidal tendencies.

Generally speaking, the kind of person attracted to the music of Mozart may be more along the Ray 2 line of Love-Wisdom, whereas Wagner may Books on psychosynthesis more attractive to those on the Ray 1 line of Will-Power.

A major theme to consider as an integral part of Esoteric Astrology is the Science of Initiation. Written assignments based on textbook and exercises. The fundamental drives and primitive urges. Starting inAssagioli began the Books on psychosynthesis of building a model that would explain the development of those aspects.

MR This is a book to use and enjoy, and one to have close by when meditating or in need a refreshing break. Mystery of the Day. There have been many individuals who have achieved, more or less temporarily, a conscious realisation of the Self that for them has the same degree of certainty as is experienced by an explorer who has entered a previously unknown region.

Similarly, Firman and Vargiu p. The individual is, however, left with an ideal model and sense of direction to take towards complete transformation. Online shopping from a great selection at Books Store.

Please find our complete list of books below Essays on the Theory and Practice of a Psychospiritual Psychology: Volume 1 edited by Steve Simpson and Roger Evans Essays on the Theory and Practice of a Psychospiritual Psychology: Volume 2 edited by Steve Simpson and Roger Evans Psychosynthesis Manual: Principles and Continue reading.

“Psychosynthesis is a splendid exposition, extension, and application of the ideas of Roberto Assagioli. An essential text.” An essential text.” — Michael Washburn, author of The Ego and the Dynamic Ground: A Transpersonal Theory of Human Development, Second Edition.

May 27,  · This is the seminal work by Dr. Roberto Assagioli, M.D. on a psychological model he developed called psychosynthesis. He was a contemporary and colleague of both Freud and Jung and had studied the work of both schools associated with them.4/5.

Psychosynthesis, the therapists, trainers, training, and books, have been very powerful in my life. They have empowered what I offer to my self and all around me.

Directions Counseling Group was founded in and most of the therapists have been sharing space here for 5 – 15 years. We are pleased to have our clients benefit from a comfortable environment while receiving exceptional professional counseling services.

Books on psychosynthesis
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